Fan Art 1

We've been seeing so many talented artists showing us their fan art in the comments on the Wikia!

So, we've created this dedicated page to show off to everyone your fantastic talent!

To submit your art, simply follow these steps:

1. Make your art. It can be anything; a picture, a model, a costume, etc. It must be Stampy related.

2. Ensure that it is YOUR art that YOU created. We will do a digital search over the internet for the pictures that you submit to us to ensure that you are not stealing anybody else's.

3. Take a picture or scan of your art and save it onto your computer.

4. Leave a comment on this page with the following:

-Your first name or your Minecraft IGN.

-A short message about what you're submitting.

-The picture of your art. (Click on "add photo" below the comment box).

5. Leave your comment and you're done! We'll do the rest.

We will transfer any pictures you upload in the comments onto this page in your honour!

(We'll try to upload as many pictures as we can, but any that we feel is not relevant, has not had effort put in, is stolen or is not represented well enough in your submitted pictures will not be included).

We look forward to your submissions!

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