Feed At Speed
Episode 302
Release Date May 13th, 2015
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Feed At Speed is the 302nd episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World. In this episode, Stampy and his Minecraft Helpers go and play a new minigame to see who will become the employee of the month for Snack On Track.


Stampy starts the video by going out on the balcony, as always. He then greets Lee Bear, and his other friends LongShot and Rage. Stampy "watched on his clock" so he ate cake. LongShot and Rage headed over to the minigame, while he and Lee Bear went to the Love Garden to explain why he added Marcus. He said Marcus made a homemade Stampy Cat costume and was sent to him.

After that, he and Lee Bear had a race to see who will get to the Dog House first, but using Ender pearls. Stampy won and thus, he chose Corey to join him in the video. They now went to play the new minigame, Feed At Speed, to see who will be the Employee of the Month for his new restaurant of Snack On Track. The mechanics were similar to the restaurant controls, and it is a puzzler-type game because there is a lever which would turn the rails left and right and try and give their chosen food to the other players who doesn't play.

At the end, Lee Bear won the title as the Employee of the Month in just 10 seconds, Stampy with 36 seconds, Rage with 1 minute and 34 seconds while LongShot came last with 1 minute and 55 seconds (but it is still a good time, though.)

Because Lee Bear won, Stampy let him to have a day-off being a chef and the others were either sat and order their food, or they prepare the food and give it to them. After that, Stampy ends the video.


  • This marks the first episode where the ending has a tune. The ending tune is similar to the opening tune, with a high sound at the very end.