Feed The Beast

Feed The Beast (or just shortened to FTB) is one of the YouTube series by iBallisticSquid. He is joined Stampylongnose in the 2013 series in which they do a Let's Play modded survival in Feed The Beast, a very popular mod pack. The next boss they'll going to defeat is the Minoshroom, after defeating the Naga, the Hydra and the Lich but it was stopped after episode 49 because after Stampy updated his Mac and Squid updated some mods, they couldn't get on FTB anymore. The last episode features Squid and Stampy exploring the maze located in the Twilight Forest with minotaurs (this is a reference to the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur) inside it. This is o

STampy wand squid are assholes!


This is iBallisticSquid's first ever series with Stampylongnose.

The series debuted on 7 February 2013.

The series stopped after episode 49 due to server corruption after updating.


Feed The Beast Playlist:

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