Fire And Falling
Episode 296
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Fire And Falling is the 296th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy starts his day by doing what he does normally. He eats cake and went to the Love Garden to add Allen, for wearing a Stampy-like pajamas and a mask with Stampy's face. Because Lee is always fast and goes to the Dog House, he decided to have a race to get there as a new tradition. Lee went first again, and thus, Lee chose Corey to join in the video. They went then to the Funland to finish building and decorating the Desert Drop. Stampy wished to bring his dog in, but he realised it was dangerous and instead he sat him down on the side. He then continues to finish it. He also made the redstone (partially working since he didn't had time to put them all) and the chests and hoppers. He did a test whether the oak is burning when firing fire charges at them. He announced the plan for the next video, said "bye!" and ends the video.


Minecraft Xbox- Fire and Falling [296]

Stampylonghead 296 Minecraft Xbox - Fire And Falling 296 stampylongnose34:37

Stampylonghead 296 Minecraft Xbox - Fire And Falling 296 stampylongnose

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