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Fish Me A Dish
Episode 103
Minecraft Xbox - Fish Me A Dish 10324:27

Minecraft Xbox - Fish Me A Dish 103

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Fish Me A Dish is the 103rd episode of Stampy's Lovely World's.


Stampy goes to the balcony while greeting us. Lee goes to Stampy's bedroom giving Stampy an apple. Stampy then goes to the Love Garden and adds Nony Trester. He goes to the Doghouse and picks Bengy to take him along in the rest of the episode. He goes to his Funland by taking the minecart ride. While Stampy is riding the minecart, he talks about losing 3 of his dogs, and Hit The Target escaping from Episode 100- Cat To The Future.

After that, he meets up with Amylee and Rosie at the Kitty Kitchen which is a new fishing mini-game. Before he starts to play, he first build a Safety Box for Bengy so Bengy will be comfortable and also be safe because this is for his own good so he will not die. He then visits and shows Sparky and The Artibiter's graves.

He goes inside the mini-game and demonstrates the mechanics and what it looks like. They started to have a practice game first. They have finished the practice game and goes to the second floor to test the redstone for the game. After that, he starts to put frames at the upper wall of the counter behind it.

He puts 4 frames and puts first a raw fish then cooked fish then raw fish then cooked fish. He gives Amy, a cooked fish while Rosie, a raw fish. He then goes out and checks on Bengy and says that it is bad to leave him out here and places a torch at the upper block of the Safety Box.

He goes in and decides to finish the kitchen. When Stampy goes up to the redstone floor, he was stuck and Squid goes up with him and was also stuck but was able to go up. After that they finally played the mini-game. Stampy and Lee played the game and Stampy won. Stampy then receives a Steak from Squid. Stampy says bye and ends the episode while Squid is giving Rosie raw fish to her.


  • This is the 3rd episode where a dog has died in a row or mentioned that he/she has died.
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