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Fishing Rod Game is a game where Stampy and his minecraft helpers attempt to hit some blocks placed around the scenery in front of Stampy's balcony with a fishing rod. This game is made in Dings and Dongs, and Stampy and his helpers play it at the start of each episode after the above mentioned episode until they manage to hit all the pressure (which is achieved in episode... [episode needed, if you know, edit it in please] ).


There is one very simple rule; nonetheless breaking said rule would incur a disqualification.

  • Do not jump while using the rod.

How to create?

You need 4-6 wool blocks, the same number of pressure plates as wool blocks, the same number of pistons (Sticky Piston is not recommended.) and several of fishing rods.

  1. You dig a block below the ground and place a piston there.
  2. After placing down the piston, put a block of wool on top of the piston.
  3. Put a pressure plate on top of the wool.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 in random spots nearby.
  5. You're ready to play! Fling your fishing rod at the pressure plates from (preferably) a high vantage point and see if you can hit them! You could even challenge your friends!

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