First appearance: Uninvited Visitor
Last appearance: N/A
Status: Alive
Type of mob: Dog
Color of collar: Yellow

Fluffy is one of Stampy's Dogs. She has a yellow collar.

Life Edit

She used to live in the SS Stumpy, but in Episode 111, she was removed and was placed in the Pick-a-Pet Shop, as she was the slowest dog on the Dog Assault Course  Leader board. She is o display in the Pick-a-Pet Pet Shop. Despite that she is in the Pick-A-Pet-Shop, Stampy still chooses her to accompany him in the videos.


Aqua (mother) ✝️

Sherbet (brother)

Spring (father) ✝️

Trivia Edit

  • Fluffy almost died in Episode 210, when Stampy pushed her off the big tree in Flower Power
  • Fluffy almost died while building the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop, almost being blown to death by a creeper (Taking Stampy out). 
  • Fluffy was the second dog who does not live in the Dog House.
  • Fluffy's collar was once accidentally changed to white when Stampy told her to stand up while he was holding bonemeal. This made him believe that she was Gregory Jr.
  • She and her brother are the only dogs not to be in the dog house. Duncan may also count, as in one episode he slept round Mittens.
  • In the episode, Meat and Greet, This time it has been re-taken at once.

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