Stampy has a couple of helpers that do not join him anymore. One of them is Crimson Azoth, his real name known as Craig. He left minecraft forever most likely because an incident that occurred in episode 74,"Helter Skelter", which killed his dog,"Cedric". Also there was Melanie Candy, who was Stampy's ex-girlfriend. They used to do a series together, where they built the Tardis from Doctor Who. Now Melanie has her own youtube where she post videos, and is a Youtuber in her own right. There are other helpers who left, too. HitTheTarget98 used to be a helper, but after episode 16,where he was seen taking Stampy's dogs, and 42, where he attacked and killed Lucky. Afro Dan is another one of Stampy's Former Helpers and is still a Minecraft player, but he rarely ever joins Stampy in any of his videos anymore, and has a small Youtube account in his own right. L for Lee x is another one of Stampy's Former Helpers, he made his last apperience in episode 339 and he gave Stampy his secret cake recipe.

New Season: Moon Lord Rises Edit


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