"I've just realized THIS is where i was in my very first video i uploaded."
— Stampy about building his house in the same place he first walked around.
Fun At The Farm
Episode 10
Fun at the Farm
Release Date June 18, 2012
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Helpers Appeared
No helpers appear in this episode
Pets Chosen
6 Unnamed Dogs
People Added to the Love Garden
Crimson Azoth
Afro Dan
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  Fun At The Farm was the tenth episode of season 1 inside of Stampy's Lovely World. The video was uploaded on June 18, 2012.


Stampy gets on his farming side and starts building a crop farm.


Stampy now with a bunch of Minecraft Dogs all get on their own farming sides and take the challenge to start building a crop farm.




  • Storage Room
  • Crafting Room
  • Love Garden (Edited Off Camera)(Edited)
  • Stampy's first shelter (Edited Off Camera)
  • Farm (Unfinished)(Edited)
  • Mine Exit (Mentioned)
  • Nether (Mentioned)
  • Dog House (Not Built)(Mentioned)


No Villains appear in this episode.


  • Cacti

When Stampy begins placing cacti he is forced to put his dogs away because of their bad AI causing them to go into the cacti and take damage.


  • Possibly an unnamed dog.


  • This Stampy's first double digit episode.
  • Stampy now has 8 dogs meaning he tamed 2 off camera.
  • This marks the first episode someone was added to the Love Garden.
  • It's revealed Crimson Azoth was the first to be added to the Love Garden
  • First mention of Afro Dan
  • First mention of ANK
  • First mention of agentcall117
  • First mention of LitteWood
  • It's revealed that Stampy stockpiles his videos.
  • Stampy's first shelter is seen after being gone for 10 episodes.
  • Stampy bakes his first cake in this video.
  • Stampy catches and cooks a fish for the first time in this video.
  • It's revealed that Crimson Azoth has a mine cart track long enough to get the "On a Rail" achievment.
  • It's revealed that since episode 8 Stampy has figured out how to make bone meal.
  • It's revealed that this was the first time he went "out and about, with them." Referring to his wolf pack.
  • It's revealed Stampy still mainly uses stone tools as the video is uploaded.
  • It's revealed Stampy has been to the Nether again since the last video.
  • Stampy says he feels like Santa Claus with his raindeer and having to remember their names, referring to once he's named all his dogs.
  • Barnaby is named in this video.
  • It's possible one of the dogs died in this video because when Stampy sits them all down after the cacti was planted only 7 can be counted.
  • This is the first time Stampy calls mobs Googlies.
  • It's revealed Stampy has never used a hoe before this video.


  • Stampy incorrectly calls a crafting table a box as well as a crafting crate.
  • Stampy incorrectly pronounces agentcall117 A-Gen-TI-Cl-117. This is brought up in a later video.
  • Stampy calls Music Discs CD's and Music CD.


Minecraft - Fun At The Farm 1028:00

Minecraft - Fun At The Farm 10

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