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Fun and Games
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Not to be confused with the 210th episode of the same name.

Fun and Games is the 152nd episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy starts his day by doing what he does normally. Then they went to the Love Garden to add Kittens1222. Then they went to the Dog House to pick Sherbet. Then they head straight to the Funland to have a Reindeer Rodeo tournament. He also met AmyLee33 there. Both Squid and Amy won because they reached 1 minute in the boat. Then they went to the It's A Lovely World to have the first official ride of it. After that, they play another game of What Goes Up and Stampy won first, Lee in second, Squid in third and Amy in fourth. He says bye and ends the video.


  • The name of the episode was used again for the 210th episode.