Funland North is a proposed stop on the Tree Train.


Stampy said that since his Funland is growing so big, he would like to build another stop.

This station would serve parts that are inaccessible from the existing Tree Train.

Nearby PlacesEdit

The stop will mostly serve most of the rides at the far-end of the Funland.


None of the lines have 3 stops so to get to Funland North you will have to change trains at [[Stampy's Funland (Stop)

  • there may be an avoiding line, so you wouldn't have to change trains.



This stop will belong to Line 1.

Stampy's House -> Stampy's Funland -> Funland North


  • The plan was announced at the end of Sharky Shark.
    • The plan was brought up again in Investigator.
    • The plan was also brought up once again in Pig Pong.
  • It would serve the Pig pong area

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