Gerald Llyan Garrett
Stampy's Grandpa ( Gerald Bear)
Real Name G.G. Yunning Qiuxo Fong Garrett
Age 78
Family Stampy Garrett

Edward Garrett Annette Garrett Lee Bear Cornelius LongShotBTG

Screen Names 1939-Present
Friends Llyan Llanbadr

Iaan Fischer Llayr

G.G. Yunning Qiuxo Fong was born on January 15th, 1937 in Pudong, Shanghai, China and is also Stampy's, Edward's, Annette's. LongShot's and Lee Bear's Grandfather. He is also a Comedian, Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, Producer, Songwriter, Methodist, Priest, Music Teacher and Pope.

Film Timeline

Pinnochio 1940

Mrs. Bear's Dinner 1943

Bake Me A Cake 1944

Darling Clementine 1945

The Little Train That Couldn't 1946

Tangled Up Tight 1953

Aquino Pinho 1956

Hhing Ching Quingdao 1957

Anholore Ciao Cabela 1958

Bonjour, Merci, How Are You 1959

101 Dalmatiens 1960

Mickey Mouse's Magical Journey 1961

Mickey Mouse Disco (Short Film) 1979

Song Timeline

We All Need Love 1967

All You'd Want Is Candy 1967

Candy Bar Dance 1968

Wuzhou Is Booming Fast 1968

Never Can Say Goodbye 1973

Disco Lady 1975

Anhong Disco Maan 1975

Sun Band 1976

Rubber Ducky ( Disco Version) 1978

C Is For Cookie ( Disco Version) 1978

Disco Frog 1979

Mouse Trap 1979

Disco Mickey Mouse 1979

Macho Duck (Singing Voice) 1979

Watch Out For Goofy 1979

Welcome To Rio 1979

Moscow Diskow W/Telex 1979

We All Need Love 1979 Version W/Domenic Troiano

Give All You've Got 1979/1980 (July 1979)

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