"Hello, this is Stampy, and welcome to an extra spooky Minecraft Let's Play video..."
— Stampy in a spooky tone, Intro of this video
Ghost Stories
Episode 243
Minecraft Xbox - Ghost Stories 243

Minecraft Xbox - Ghost Stories 243

Release Date October 31, 2014
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Ghost Stories is the 243rd episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

See the list of Ghostly Happenings in Hauntings.

Join Stampy as he tells spooky stories to Lee on a particularly gloomy night. Learn the mysteries of Stampy's Lovely World and learn how a happy world can turn into sweet dreams. At the end of the video Stampy says "Don't worry, we are perfectly safe, nothing can hurt us here!". It than pans out to show Hit the Target and his Lunar Friends watching Stampy. This episode chronicles the creepy side of Stampy's world's history.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy tries to go to bed for Halloween but Lee is too excited. He tells 3 ghost stories to make Lee sleep.

Other Hauntings Edit

Other stories of hauntings and ghosts of his world can be found on the hauntings page.


Stampy greets us with a spooky tone telling us that it will be an extra spooky Minecraft video. He greets Lee as he comes out of the large painting. Lee tells Stampy that he can't sleep so Stampy tells him 3 ghost stories.

Ghost Dogs Edit

This video chronicles the tragic deaths of GregoryStampygoodnoseSnowyPorkyGuilty BarkLuckyChickenTikkaCedricArrowOreo, The Arbiter, SpringSparky, and Aqua. The video then reveals that every night, they rise from the dead as ghosts and dance in Stampy's Clubhouse.

Evil Mr. Pork ChopEdit

Stampy tells Lee about Evil Mr. Pork Chop's past. He was once a man, who was a shepherd who tended pigs. He always wanted his pigs to win the contest, but he always got second place. One day, a witch comes to him and says that he will win if he gives her all of his pigs and keeps the biggest. He does so, and transforms into a Pigman. The witch then laughs at him for being greedy for winning and actually giving pigs away. Mr. Porkchop is then shown inside a cell in Googlie's Manor, and he escapes from it. He then goes to the pigpen, hoping he can find the witch again.

Googlies Island Historical FictionEdit

This story talks about the history of one of the oldest locations in Stampy's World- Googlie's Island. Before, googlies were not hostile, and left the land as they found it. They were ruled by King Creeper. One day, a human named Steve arrived at the place, killed animals, cut down trees, and killed Googlies. After he started disturbing the peacefulness of the world, the Googlies tried to get rid of him. Then King Creeper blows up Steve's House, sacrificing himself. Steve then leaves the place. However, Googlies have been hostile ever since, and they are often found on Googlie's Island to pay tribute to their own deceased leader.

After the three stories, Stampy realizes it's Halloween, and says goodbye to the audience. The scene then pans out of the house where Hit the Target and the Lunar Friends are standing.

Features Edit

Characters Edit

  • Stampy
  • L for Lee x
  • Hit the Target (No lines/brief cameo)
  • Lunar Friends (No lines/brief cameo)

In Ghost Stories Edit

  • All dogs (Ghost Dogs)
  • Evil Mr. Pork Chop
  • Old Woman (Witch)
  • Googlies (Zombies, creepers, spiders, skeletons) (Non-speaking cameos)
  • Human (Steve)
  • King Creeper
  • Silverfish (cameo)
  • Wither Skeleton (cameo)
  • Cave Spider (cameo)

Locations Edit

  • Stampy's Clubhouse
  • Stampy's house
  • Default Grass Biome
  • Googlies Manor
  • All dog graves
  • Stampy's Funland

Music Edit

Soundtracks Edit

  • Ambience (C418)

Stories Edit

This section contains the three stories told by Stampy in the video. If you havent' watched the video beware of major spoilers.

Due to Lee not being able to fall asleep Stampy decides to tell him three ghost stories all in a rhyming poetic fashion.

The Story and Rise of Stampy's Ghost Dogs Edit

"There is something that happen every night, while we're in bed tucked up tight. My lovely world is overrun by ghosts! Of the animals I loved the most. Out of their graves my dead dogs float, boasting a new transparent coat. The dogs that i tried my best to raise, but died in a variety of ways. Porky couldn't keep to the right, and Guilty Bark wouldn't sleep at night. Snowy went in an ironic way, and Chicken only lived for a day. Stampygoodnose had a silly name, and Spring should have tried to be tame. Arrow had a nasty fall, and Oreo ignored my call. Tikka went in an unexpected fire, and Cedric should have never gone higher. Lucky was chasing a villain on the run, and Aqua just wanted to join in on the fun. The Arbiter and Sparky they died together, and Gregory who i will love forever. Being ghosts they break some rules, like magic they can go through my walls. But don't panic remain calm, my ghost dogs mean no harm. Keep sleeping and stay beaded, my clubhouse is where they're headed. They walk their in a trance, and their only purpose is to dance. Don't feel bad for my dogs who have passed on, for now they live in an eternal song. They walked into the light, and now they disco, every night."
— The Ghost Dog Story

Evil Mr. Pork Chops Story Edit

"In the haunted house that's forgotten by time lives the most evil type of swine. Even by using the strongest lock, you can't contain Evil Mr. Pork Chop. He has a secret that you should know, when the moon rises, he begins to grow. At night he has a transformation into a hideous creation. Pigmen by night and pig by day but it wasn't always this way. His true story has never been told but Evil Mr. Pork Chop is very old. He used to be a human in the past unaware his form wouldn't last. He worked as a shepherd every single day and loved his job despite the low pay. He enjoyed looking after every single pig and tried to make them very big. You see, he was working toward winning the prized porker award. The annual award for the biggest pig in the land, but he was always second, something he couldn't stand. This year he wanted to win more than ever and would tend to his pigs in any type of weather. One day he was approached by an old woman in a cloak, she walked close to the shepherd and then she spoke "I know what you desire, i see in your heart this fire. There is nothing that i do not know, including how to make pigs grow. If you accept my deal your wish will become real. You will be second no more, with a pig bigger than any before. In return, all I want is the rest of your swine, you keep the biggest pig and the rest are mine. Your dream could come true today, so young man what do you say?" Giving away all his pigs would be a sin, but that was his only chance to win. What is the point in keeping the rest, when you will own the very best. He quickly decided to accept, a decision he would soon regret. Moments after nodding his head, he was filled with awful dread. The witch screeched in evil incantation, this started the transformation. Evil Mr. Pork Chop had misunderstood the deal, but it was too late now as he started to squeal. He was turned into a monster, half pig and half man, the witch cried out to him as she ran. "Your obsession with winning corrupted your mind, you mistreated your pigs now you're their kind. Rather than fulfilling your greed, help others that are in need. You abandoned your pigs because they looked frail, now live the rest of your life with a curly tail. Don't try to complain, don't try to shout, no one will understand you, now you have a snout!!!!!!!!" This was the last of the witch he ever heard, and in his head he replayed every word. This all happened long ago in the past, but as the witch claimed the spell did last. The snout and curly tail were there to stay, Evil Mr. Pork Chop is a pig to this day. Now, i don't want to cause alarm, but make sure you lock up your farm. Evil Mr. Pork Chop has a plan, to be turned back into a man. Your pigs safety should be of your concern, he wants to steal them so the witch will return. If he has enough of the animals he used to adore, he hopes she will restore him to how he was before. So look after your pigs if you want any relief, Evil Mr. Pork Chop is a nasty pig thief!"
— The Evil Mr. Pork Chop Story

The History of Googlies Island Story Edit

"Googly Island is a piece of land, where the googlies often stand. It's not a coincidence they all go to that place, it's of great importance to the googly race. Long ago googlies weren't bad, unless something made one mad. They roamed the land and lived a peaceful life, enjoying time with no worries or any strife. They didn't work or build, and nature was their guild. They left the world the same as they arrived, and without any tools they couldn't change it if they tried. There was one googly who ruled them all, a wise old creeper who was strong and tall. They called him King Creeper. He was their leader and their teacher. He taught about them about taking only what they need, and how the mind corrupts with greed. Like the other googlies he owned nothing but still, he was more than happy living atop that hill. The googlies were content and easily survived, until one day a human arrived. He moved next to the hill with no intention to leave, an ignorant human referred to by others as Steve. King Creeper watched as animals were killed, he cut down trees and started to build. The googlies simply looked on and frowned, as Steve begun to reshape the ground. Seeing their land be destroyed was far too tough, and one day they decided that they had enough! They went up to Steve and started to moan, about how he was ruining their home. Unfortunately the message was missed, as the googlies groaned, sizzled, and hissed. Steve ignored them and started to build, his elaborate mansion on the googlies field. King Creeper, once calm, now as fuming, he ran to Steve's mansion booming! His last sound was a "hiss" that he sung, followed by an enormous bang! The googlies couldn't believe what they saw, a creeper had never exploded before. Steve looked at the wreckage and then he said "You're all bad mobs" and then he fled. The googlies knew one thing for sure, their peaceful existence was no more. They had to learn how to fight, in order to defend what was right. They had to protect natures beauty, even if that meant getting a little shooty. They will never forget the Creeper King, and what he sacrificed to battle sin. In respect of their king it's where they stand, his old home googly island."
— The History of Googlies Island Story

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Lee's departure, this was the final Halloween special he was in.
  • This video was uploaded on a Friday which is not typically a SLW video day.
  • This episode reveals Evil Mr. Pork Chops backstory.
  • This episode reveals Googlies Islands backstory.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Porky, Guilty Bark, Snowy, Chicken, Stampygoodnose, Spring, Arrow, Oreo, Tikka, Cedric, Lucky, Aqua, The Arbiter, Sparky, and Gregory since their respective death episodes.
  • First appearance of the Witch.
  • First appearance of the Creeper King.
  • This episode is the second most edited episode in Stampy's Lovely World. The first being Stampy to the Moon.
  • This episode features the most characters out of any other SLW video, totaling at 24 with Porky, Guilty Bark, Snowy, Chicken, Stampygoodnose, Spring, Arrow, Oreo, Tikka, Cedric, Lucky, Aqua, The Arbiter, Sparky, Gregory, Stampy, Lee, The Lunar Friends, Evil Mr. Pork Chop, King Creeper, the Witch, Hit the Target, and Steve.
  • Stampy commented on this video saying this was his third video in 4 days saying he must be spoiling us all.
  • The format was based off of the annual Simpsons Halloween Special, Treehouse of Horror.
  • Peter, Twizzle, Bizzle, Wizzle, Bob, Sam, Terry, Tibs, Sparky, Spring, Gregory, Tikka, Bowser, Cedric, The Arbiter, Aqua, Arrow, Stampygoodnose, Oreo, Cedric, Squid, Sqaishey, Netty, WeeWeeGaming, Agent Cal, Snowy, Chicken, Lucky, Agatha, Betsy Boo Boo, Jangles, Ed, Mrs. Spider, Isaac, Larry Love, Porky and Rosie rise from the dead as ghosts and dance in the Clubhouse.
  • The video was ranked the best seasonal special by Stampy.


Minecraft Xbox- Ghost Stories [243]

Minecraft Xbox - Ghost Stories 243

Minecraft Xbox - Ghost Stories 243

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