Glass Elevator
Episode 285
Minecraft Xbox - Glass Elavator -285-

Minecraft Xbox - Glass Elavator -285-

Release Date March 18, 2015
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Glass Elevator is the 285th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy starts his day by doing what he does normally. Then they go to the Love Garden to add Lilian, for a chalk drawing of him and Squid. He also notices that his old Stampy Style boots is getting weak so he replaces it with a new one, now with fire protection (which was not intended to have because he wants feather falling). He also gathers up lava and water for the new recycling plant. He goes over to the Dog House but he saw a big hole! A creeper might blow up these. Good thing he fixed the pool, putting torches, and decides to pick a dog, which was then Flippy again. Then they headed to the recycling plant to build more mechanisms while Lee makes many funny faces around the facility. Before they end the video, they continue to blow up two houses in the Helper District (Stampy's Village). He says bye and ends the video.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Glass Elevator [285]

Minecraft Xbox - Glass Elavator -285-

Minecraft Xbox - Glass Elavator -285-