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Gold Grab is a mini-game in Stampy's Funland.

What it is 1

Gold Grab is a game in Stampy's Funland set inside a giant treasure chest, consisting of a minecart, tracks and treasure!

How it is used 1
Gold grab inside

Gold Grab is played by two players standing on and around a winding track. When the game starts, the players must attempt to push the minecart past the opposing player, in order to get it into their pirate ship. The first person to get the minecart into their pirate ships wins.

The minecart can then automatically drop back down in the centre again for another game!

When it was made 1

Gold Grab was constructed and played in the following episodes:

Trivia 1
  • If you watch Stampy's Bedroom Hunger Games, you can see a chest which is a ripoff of this minigame.

Videos 1
Minecraft Xbox - Treasure Chest 20721:05

Minecraft Xbox - Treasure Chest 207

Minecraft Xbox - Pushy Pirates 20821:29

Minecraft Xbox - Pushy Pirates 208

Minecraft Xbox - Gold Grab 20921:51

Minecraft Xbox - Gold Grab 209

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