Golf, Gregory Jr. and Lots of Googlies
Episode 33
Release Date September 26, 2012
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Golf, Gregory Jr. and Lots of Googlies is the 33rd episode of Stampy's Lovely World and Minecraft Series.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets everyone and goes to his balcony.He goes to the chest room and climbs up the ladder and sees a sign says: "Creeper and Spider at the Love Garden." He goes to the Doghouse and takes Oreo and Gregory Jr. with him. He takes a minecart ride but he lets Oreo take the minecart ride followed by Stampy. He takes a ride to go to the Golf Course. He tries to play Pars 1-3. He then lets Oreo sit while Stampy finishes the construction especially all the Pars. He finsihes half of the Golf Course and goes to his house to sleep. He goes to his Love Garden and adds Rosie833 , TheCorrupt1243,aNd1 M3G4TR0N, and many more. He then shows everyone the outer and inner appearance of his theatre. He exits the theatre and goes to the golf course to continue the consturtion. He says bye and ends the episode.

Video Edit

Minecraft - Golf, Gregory Jr

Minecraft - Golf, Gregory Jr. And Lots Of Googlies -33-

Golf, Gregory Jr. And Lots Of Googlies