Golf Course is a game in Stampy's Funland. It is the oldest game that ever existed in the Funland.


The area is surrounded by a square bush. In the bush there are 8 different holes with structures and different attatchments on each of them. There is a wooden path around the golf course, whilst the rest of the ground is comprised of grass and ice. Gregory Jr. currently lives at his own Doghouse on one of the holes.

Stampy hits Barnaby

Stampy accidently hits Barnaby


It was actually built before Stampy's Funland was erected. The game was the cause to erect the Funland.


The aim of the game is to have the least points at the end. The players take it in turns to throw snow or slime balls onto the ice. The ice will then let the balls slide until they stop. The aim is to get the balls into the holes and onto the pressure pad. Once they have done that, they count up the throws it took to get there. Once they have completed all holes, the players count up how many throws it took for all 10 holes added together. The winner is the person with the least total throws.

The game simulates 'Crazy Golf', which can be played in a simular way.


Golf Course
Holes and Pars in Stampy's Golf Course
Hole # Name Par Notes
1 Noob Alley 2 This was the first thing built in Stampy's Funland. The simplest hole.
2 The Dip 3 It has some colored wools scattered in some floors.
3 Doghouse 3 It has a small doghouse. This is the hole Gregory Jr. lives in.
4 Cobblestone Castle 3 It has a moving ice block which is very tricky to pass the sphere into the castle.
5 The Nether 3 It is based around the Nether, where there are three water flows where you put the sphere you want, and goes out on a designated direction.
6 Little Wood 3 It is made of a mushroom tree and flowers underground. It is named after Martyn Littlewood, known by his gamertag InTheLittleWood, one of Stampy's friends and Minecraft players.
7 The Mine 5 Has two levels, one of them has a mine-designed hole underground.
8 Hungry Stampy 5

Uses real Cake as obstacles. It is based around Stampy.


  • The word "noob" means, "know a little and have no will to learn any more." [1]
  • The golf balls used to be called golf spheres because the "golf balls" word was censored somehow after it was typed.

Featured VideoEdit

Minecraft - Crazy Golf Course 3226:23

Minecraft - Crazy Golf Course 32

The episode in which the Golf Course is featured



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