Googlies is a broad term used by Stampy in his videos. Googlies can be found mentioned in every one of Stampy's main series episodes.

Googly, the singular form of Googlies refers to a hostile mob, or NPC (non-player character) entity that attacks players within a range. When Stampy says "Googlies" or any derivative of this word he is referring to either a Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Ghast, Blaze, Silverfish, Enderman, Slime, Magma Cube, Zombie Pigman Or Vex.


'Googlies' was originally made by Stampy's sister, Netty. When they where young and it was Christmas. Stampy simply adapted the term for his videos.

The broad term "Googlies" were first used in an old Let's Play series, ICO, also on the Stampylonghead channel. Then this was later used in his Minecraft Let's Play until now.

In Stampy's Halloween special it was revealed that Googlies where originally friendly until their leader, King Creeper blew up the house of Steve who subsequently declared war on all Googlies,leading them to try to defend nature. Previously creepers flammable to explode.

In Stampy's Lovely WorldEdit

Googlies often spawn at night inside of Stampy's Lovely World, like most of the other worlds. Stampy has named places which are dedicated to them, including:



Agatha - Betsy Boo Boo - Isaac - Jangles - Llewellyn - Miguel - Creeper I


Mr. Spider - Mrs. Spider - Harry


Ed - Fred -Susan - Eric




Derek - Dodga - Denise

Cave Spiders

George - Vinnie - Charles - Lenny

A googlie with an apostrophe (') near its name means it is unfriendly.
A googlie in italic means it's dead.