Green Team's Aftermath
Episode 6
Release Date July 30,2014

July 31,2014 on GMT +8 and above

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Green Team's Aftermath is the 6th episode of Squid's modded-Minecraft series, Mission To Mars.


The team woke up and attempts to go to the Green Team's base. AshDubh, SnakeDoctor, and SuperChache39 are on their transportation, Squid attempts to jump to the transportation pad by using a trampoline but failed. Squid used another way to climb up and the team waited for him. After picking Squid up, they go to the Green Team base. After finding a "Sheep" mine, Squid ends the video.


Minecraft - Mission To Mars - Green Team's Aftermath ! 617:26

Minecraft - Mission To Mars - Green Team's Aftermath ! 6

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