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Gregory Jr. is one of Stampy's dogs. He is named after Gregory (Stampy's first dog who was took out by a Skeleton) and he lives on Stampy's Golf Course on a purple block. In the Episode 111, it was revealed that Gregory Jr. liked sitting on the holes and watching people playing Golf. He is an obstacle on Hole 3. Whenever Stampy goes to play golf he always says hi to Gregory Jr. or take him.

He used to live in the Doggy Hockey game for few episodes, however he went back to his original home after he almost died multiple times.


Gregory (father) ✝️


Gregory Jr. was named after Gregory (who was Stampy's first ever dog in Minecraft who was soon killed by Skeleton). He now currently resides on Stampy's Golf Course and in Episode 111, it is revealed that Gregory Jr. likes to watch people playing Golf and sitting on the courses. When needed he is taken over to Doggy Hockey and is used as the puck, despite almost dying there multiple times. He has a white collar as of the Stampy's Lovely World Series Episode 218.


  • Gregory Jr. is the first dog who does not currently live in Stampy's Doghouse, the second was Fluffy who currently lives in the PAP or Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop.
  • According to Stampy, Gregory Jr. is the long-lost son of Gregory.
  • Gregory Jr. almost died five times.
  • Gregory Jr. is currently the 5th oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack, though Duncan and Bengy were seen in an episode before him, but Gregory Jr's sign went up before Duncan and Bengy were alive.
  • Gregory Jr.'s mother is unknown, this means he could be an orphan.
  • Gregory Jr is in charge of the lobby in Stampy inc.
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