Guilty Bark is one of Stampy's dogs, he is the 5th dog who has died in Stampy's Lovely World. He was named after one of Afro Dan's songs, 'Guilty Bark.' Someone made a video called Guilty Bark is being stupid, therefore Guilty Bark is the public's least favorite dog.  

Guilty Bark
Gulity Bark
First appearance: Unknown
Last appearance: Unknown
Status: Dead
Type of mob: Wolf (Dog)
Color of collar: Red


Stampy wanted to show his viewers where his clubhouse will be constructed but he heard the voices of zombies. Stampy and Guilty went to fight them, but he left Guilty Bark to do the fighting, because Stampy thought he needed to prove himself. Guilty Bark soon conquered over the first one, but the second overpowered him and ran off into the darkness. As Guilty Bark was dying, Stampy said to himself that Guilty was his most useless dog. Guilty Bark soon died, but Stampy blamed it on Hit the Target, who was notorious for being evil and crude to dogs..


Guilty Bark's grave is located inside Stampy's Club House beside the DJ stage.

Trivia Edit

  • Judging by Stampy's reaction to his death, and quotes relating to the subject, Guilty Bark is the most useless dog, as he was so weak. Stampy also said he had a horrible name
    • This may be his least favorite dog because of this.

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