First Appeared: Hose The Rose
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Villager

Harriott is the second villager in Stampy's Lovely World. She is a female villager.


Harriott was a zombie villager until she found Stampy while he was building Lee's Baking Kitchen. She was eventually cured in Hose The Rose in the Caring Cat Clinic .


Harriot was a farmer who lived a happy life until they were invaded. She escaped with three other friends, including Harrison. However, when they saw the lighthouse, they accidentally landed on Googlies Island, where two of the villagers drowned. Harrison ran toward a nearby house before he was brutally killed and turned into a zombie. Harriet ran in the opposite direction, toward another ship. But she too was turned into a zombie.

Zombie Harriot then saw a red building and headed towards it, then seeing a cat, a dog and a bear. She fought them, but was lead into a white building and was splashed with a potion. After eating an apple, all went dark and she remembered nothing.


When Stampy was going to get material for Lee's classroom, he saw a zombie villager. Lee tried to lead the zombie villager in to the Hospital but the zombie villager kept escaping.

Lee accidentally hurt Harriott.

Lee tried several times but got hurt and Stampy decided to splash a regeneration potion and Lee got health back up. Suddenly, he lagged out and Stampy got hurt very badly, causing Duncan to attack.

Thankfully, Lee got back in while the villager was cured (by splashing a potion of weakness then immediately giving a golden apple).

While Stampy was building Amylee's flower room Lee came and told him the villager had been cured.

Stampy said it was a female villager and named her Harriott.

Later lifeEdit

On Episodes 265-267, Stampy, L for Lee x and Finnball (266 only) built her house and her own new hat shop which Harriott found out as a surprise in Episode 267, Harriott Hill.


  • Her name is spelt "Harriott" if one has the language set to American English, but if one has the language set to British English, her name is spelt "Harriet".
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