Harrison's Hangout
Episode 205
Minecraft Xbox - Harrison's Hangout 205

Minecraft Xbox - Harrison's Hangout 205

Release Date June 21, 2014
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Harrison's Hangout is the 205th episode. They built the hangout below the Harrison Hill.


Stampy introduces himself and he sees the Harrison Hill. Then, Lee appears. They play the Fishing Rod Game and Lee got a score. They heard a zombie and they found it inside Fred's Room. Lee kills it. They go to the Love Garden and Stampy adds raxquax123 for creating a video. He goes to the Kitty Cat Condo and gets Mittens and he goes to the Dog House and gets Duncan but he fights some Creepers before getting Duncan. Stampy trolls Lee by saying there are evil bones inside of the Dog House. They go to the Harrison Hill and Stampy sees Larry Love on the roof but Lee didn't notice. Stampy calls him and he tells that where Lee saw Larry. Later, they go down to the Harrison Hill. Stampy runs out of wool while filling up the floor. After that, they build the table for Harrison

Location Edit

There will be a lever leading you down underground to Harrison's Hangout.


Minecraft Xbox- Harrison's Hangout [205]

Minecraft Xbox - Harrison's Hangout 205

Minecraft Xbox - Harrison's Hangout 205

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