Harry's Hut is a building in Stampy's Lovely World. It is the home of Stampy's only Horse, Harry.

First hut Edit

The first hut was built by Stampy's helpers in the episode Clay Oven. It is located on the far edges of the Downtown District, beside Stampy's Pizzeria and fronting the sea. It was built on the place where they found and tamed Harry. It is a small cottage made out of cobblestone, oak wood, and crafting tables. There is also a small waterfall to the left and a chest with food he can eat. Stampy felt that Harry was alone there, as he was far away from Stampy's house and other pets. This was only used for about 5 episodes or so before Stampy abandoned the small but cozy home.

Second hut Edit

This is where Harry currently lives and is located between the Kitty Cat Condo and the Dog House. The cottage is bigger, but it is made out of the same materials. Inside, there's also hay for him. This was made on episode 399, Harry's Hut wherein Stampy made an announcement that he would move Harry closer to his house and make him a new home as part of a big surprise to Harry. After inspecting the first hut, he then procedes to build Harry's new hut, with desingns similar to the first hut, as Stampy wants to give Harry a new, better home but also give a reminder of his old one. He did this with the help of helpers Polly Reindeer and newcomer Fizzy Elephant (although the latter did not really do much help) While planning it though, he realised there was not much space and decided to move the entrance to the Dog House two blocks to the right, so as to give room to the hut which would be built on the left. After that, he then rides Harry to present him his new home. Harry is happy with it as well as Stampy and the helpers who are glad to give someone a gift. From then on, this hut is his official residence. The location is also an advantage for Stampy, as the hut is right next to the front door of Stampy's House so that he can easily use it to go anywhere in Stampy's Lovely World.

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