"And what this water is...Heh, Barnaby pushing me down the stairs. Almost as bad as Gregory."
— Stampy about Barnaby pushing him down the stairs.
Having a Room Off
Episode 12
Minecraft - Having A Room Off 12

Minecraft - Having A Room Off 12

Release Date June 24, 2012
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Having a Room Off is the 12th episode of season 1 in Stampy's Lovely World. It was released on June 24, 2012


In this episode, Stampy has a competiontion with Crimson Azoth to build a bedroom. (one of the most iconic places in Stampy's Lovely World).

Features Edit

Googlies Edit

  • Unknown mob(s)(Off Camera)

Because he no longer had his leather boots and cap it's implied he was attacked by a mob or a group of mobs off camera.

  • Zombie #1

When Crimson Azoth goes to sleep he activated the bed glitch and a zombie spawns attacking Stampy.

  • Zombie #2

When Stampy goes to get some smooth stone he is attacked by a Zombie.

Locations Edit

  • Crafting Room
  • Storage Room
  • House Crossway
  • Tower (Mentioned)
  • Craig's Room (Begun off Camera)(Edited)(Completed)
  • Stampy's Room (Begun off Camera)(Edited)(Unfinished)
  • Mob trap (Mentioned)
  • Pyramid (Mentioned)(Crimcity)
  • UFO (Mentioned)(Unfinished)(Crimcity)
  • Pirate Ship (Mentioned)(Crimcity)

Villains Edit

No Villains appear in this episode.

Items Edit

Deaths Edit

  • Unnamed Dog (Off Camera)

Stampy says he has 13 dogs now thinking he had 12. However, since he had 14 in the last video one of them must have died.

  • Crimson Azoth

When gathering snow Crimson Azoth accidentally punches Stampy causing Barnaby to viciously murder him.

Trivia Edit

  • It's revealed Stampy made the episode a short time after a previous one.
  • It's revealed Stampy has found a pack of 8 wolves and was unable to tame them.
  • This is the first appearance of Stampy's bedroom, one of the most iconic of Stampy's builds.
  • It's revealed Stampy prefers materiel's like wood and snow because it can be replenished rather than sand and sandstone which comes with a certain amount per world.
  • Stampy says he has a "green world" and that it's "all about recycling and stuff." He builds Recycle Michel in 2015 a whole 4 years later.
  • It's revealed that Stampy now has 13 dogs which he thinks is more and remembers having 12. However, if he has 13 dogs it would mean 1 died off camera as he had 14 in the previous video.
  • Stampy no longer has his leather boots and cap meaning he was attacked off camera causing the armor to break.
  • It's revealed Stampy has been playing a lot on Peaceful Mode off camera.
  • Stampy says he will be building all the more out of place things in Crimcity.
  • Stampy says he will make a video in Crimcity soon. He does this in the next episode.
  • It's revealed the people in Crimcity have built a pyramid.
  • It's revealed the people in Crimcity are going to build a UFO as the video is recorded.
  • It's revealed the people in Crimcity have build a pirate ship.
  • The first proper room Stampy sleeps in in his Lovely World is Crimson Azoths not his own.
  • Stampy reveals he prefers to use sandstone as flooring rather than upwards because of the line at the top.
  • This the first video where Stampy has technical difficulties with his mic.
  • It's revealed the technical difficulties were because of his phone.
  • It's revealed Stampy was originally going to build his room on Craig's side.
  • Craig has a jack 'o' lantern in his room. Ironic seeing as though it becomes Henry's the snow golems one day.


Minecraft Xbox- Having A Room Off [12]

013 Minecraft Having A Room Off 12

013 Minecraft Having A Room Off 12

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