Stampy's Village was an area in Stampy's Lovely World. This was where Stampy's Minecraft Helpers' houses were built.


The Helper District had many houses which were created by Stampy's helpers. These houses were owned by Amy Lee, L for Lee x, iBallisticSquid, and many more.

Up until the 120s, the ground track passed through the village.


To make way for new shops and restaurants in Downtown, Stampy decided to demolish his village since it is no longer used by its owners and almost all of the houses are neglected. They started destroying it in Episode 283, Waste Place and finished in Episode 286, Burn And Boom.


  • Although Hit the Target attacked Stampy many times, his house is not destroyed. It was then destroyed as part of his demolition plan.
  • During the final stages of demolition, the back exterior of Need to Read book shop was damaged by TNT.
  • In several episodes after demolition, Various basements and caves were discovered whilst building shops.
  • The tree train passes under the village area, and, in the construction of the line, several basement were tunneled through.
  • L for Lee x's house, the former home of Larry Love, was destroyed, meaning that Larry could have been killed but stampy may not have noticed.
Helper District