The Helter Skelter is a ride in Stampy's Funland.
What it is 1

Helter Skelter is a slide that leads you to the top of the tree then to the bottom.


The Helter Skelter is a huge slide made using rails, that appears to be in the shape of a tree.

This game is a no dogs allowed area because Cedric died here. His grave is at the exact place where he landed and sadly died.


Episode 74: Helter SkelterEdit

Unknown EpisodeEdit

After the aliens came to visit, a cow was stuck on the roof of the Helter Skelter. Stampy and Lee eventually saved it. Edit

Videos 1
Minecraft Xbox - Helter Skelter 74-018:54

Minecraft Xbox - Helter Skelter 74-0

Helter Skelter

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