""What should i call you i got my first pet, my first pet snow golem, i'll call you... i'll call you Henry, you can be Henry the snow golem.""
— -Stampy deciding a name for Henry.
Henry as he appears in the episode "Treasure Chest".
First Appeared: Christmas Day
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Snow golem
Episode Died:

Henry is a Snow golem that was gifted by Ank55 for Stampy in the 1st Christmas Day in Stampy's Lovely World. Sometimes, he hides so Stampy and his friends will find him.


During Christmas Day, Ank55 gave Stampy a Snow Golem making Henry's debut. He then lived on Stampy's balcony until the episode 'Flower Power'. After AmyLee33 was kicked out of her room, Henry and Hilda lived in her room. He dosen't leave snow prints in Stampy's house. He also almost NEVER goes in his room until they decided to lock him in his room.
Henry on Christmas Day

Henry as he appears in Christmas Day.

Relatives Edit

The known relatives of Henry are HollyJolly, and Norman. Holly and Jolly currently live at Reindeer Rodeo in the Funland. Norman on the other hand lives in Stampy's Emergency Igloo (place).


Trivia Edit

  • Henry is the most seen Snow Golem out of all Stampy's Golem's.
  • Henry is Stampy's first pet Snow Golem.
  • Stampy has promised Henry a ride on the S.S Stumpy but so far has failed to fulfill it.
  • Henry was one of the characters that participated in Stampy's first Christmas episode. The others were Ank55, Longbow, Barnaby, Duncan, Oreo, Cedric, Santa, Fred, Agatha, and Stampy himself.
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