First Appeared: Wild Ocelot(Ep.115)
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Iron golem
Episode Died:

Stampy based the mossy design of Hilda's room on the moss on her arm.

Hilda is an iron golem that Stampy created in "Wild Ocelot [115]" She is noted for struggling to get through doorways. She has a room and roommate. Her roommate is Henry the Snow Golem. her side is a mossy cobbled wall with 2 beds and an iron block. She is also the only Iron Golem in Stampy's Lovely World

Appearances Edit

Wild Ocelot [115] Edit

This is Hilda's first appearance. She is created by Stampy as a friend for Henry the Snow Golem who has been lonely, and to protect his house from the Googlies. Stampy promises to build a room for her.


Hilda with her roommate (Henry) and all the people who helped build her room.

Bear Battle [116] Edit

Hilda appears briefly at the start of the video. Stampy notices how restricted she is in the house as she can't fit through any doorways she is very rarely in videos.

Good Friends [119] Edit

Stampy is joined by Lee, Squid and Amy who help him convert Rosie and Amy's room into a room for Henry and Hilda. Hilda comes to see Stampy build the room and does a dance in excitement. Hilda meets Henry the Snow Golem for the first time and they get along very well.

Treasure Chest [207] Edit

Henry and Hilda have had an argument and don't want to tell Stampy what is going on. He considers giving them more freedom but wants to protect them from the Googlies. This is her first episode in quite a while. It has been shown that Hilda is still alive as she and Henry are stuck inside their room.