Hit The Targets
Episode 228
Release Date September 10, 2014
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Not to be confused with Hit the Target.

Hit The Targets is Stampylonghead's 228th video. In this video, he and Lee make a lock with targets for the safe/vault.


Stampy starts the video with the same routine and Stampy's new beginning episode game is Hop and Splash, which is a parkour game where you have to reach the Lovely Waterfall by parkouring across four redstone lamps. Then while Stampy is in the doghouse, instead of attacking LeeFlippy doesn't attack Lee and Stampy is "surprised". The reason why Flippy didn't attack Lee is because at the beginning of the video they didn't play tag. Then they go off to build a security lock in the safe/vault in the Piggy Bank and while Stampy is building Lee dresses up like a zombie and "attacks" Stampy and that's when Flippy attacks Lee. But Lee Fed Flippy pork chops so she calmed down. There is some water in the parkour room which might be placed by Lee. Stampy put half-slabs so you cant cheat and shoot the targets from the closest distance you can get. Then after Stampy does some redstone, he tries out the security lock and Lee grows a tree almost in the way of one of the buttons for the lock. Stampy had a little tester go and he managed to complete all the targets, making the piston extend to lead him to the next room. After he says that the next room will be a combination lock and ends the video.


  • At the moment when Stampy published his video there were 4 minutes of black screen but he fixed that.
  • This video is not intended to have a fight with the evil Hit the Target. It is just named "Hit The Targets" because it is related to the things they're building.


Minecraft Xbox- Hit the Targets [228]

Minecraft Xbox - Hit The Targets 228

Minecraft Xbox - Hit The Targets 228

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