Hop and Splash is a parkour game in Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy created it and plays it with Lee at the beginning of every episode. It is outside of the balcony of his room and so far him and Lee have been unsuccessful at jumping on a block. On Episode 230, Stampy successfully did it and splashed in the water.


In this mini-game, you will need:

  • 5 Redstone Lanterns
  • 5 Stone Pressure Plate (or if you want, Wooden)
  • a bunch of fences

Hop and Splash MKIIEdit

Hop and Splash MKII is an improved version and hardened version of the first Hop and Splash version. The player must jump sideways instead of straight. Lee is the only one who has successfully passed it, but it ended after Stampy did it on Episode 241.


  • The MKII version does not allow spins on the last jump, as Lee demonstrated.
  • On the MKII, the first jump is very difficult. (Well, not really now as almost all players could do it.
  • Stampy once fell off walking backwards on the first lamp.
  • Also, Stampy always missed the jump to the last lamp. The first time Lee reached the last jump, he spinned and failed. He repeated this process thrice.
  • Stampy destroys the Hop and Splash MKII because he is annoyed with it, in episode 241 Playground.