Hot Air Balloon is the vehicle that is used for flying that Stampy used on his 200th episode and in Fight In Flight. It is made out of orange and white wool, the Stampy colors. 

Stampy's Hot Air Balloon

Stampy's Hot Air Balloon


During Episode 198, Fred's Room. Stampy announced that he will create a hot air balloon for Episode 200. Lee and Stampy build it on Episode 199, Hot Air Balloon. After building it, Stampy used it on Episode 200 Lovely World Tribute and 212 Fight In Flight. He used it again for his 7 million subscribers celebration video.


This Hot Air Balloon is placed near the Rocket, as both are forms of air transportation.

Hit the Target's Hot Air BalloonEdit

Hit the Target's Hot Air Balloon is seen during Episode 207 to 212. It was made in Nether Bricks, Red and Black wool. It has 4 dispensers which releases arrows. it is believed to have been destroyed by Stampy.

Hit the Target's Hot Air Balloon V.S. Stampy's Hot Air BalloonEdit

Hit the Target's Hot Air Balloon Stampy's Hot Air Balloon 
Used in capturing dogs and falling them to the roofs of some buildings and trees Used to tour the Lovely World
Made in Nether Bricks, Red, and Black wools. Made in wood, orange, and white wool.
Seen on Episode 207 Created in Episode 199
Destroyed Still usable