Hotel of Dreams



Town, Stampy's Lovely World

Built by

Stampy Cat
L for Lee x

First Appearance

Luxury Lobby

Other Appearances

Amazing Animals
Disco Domain
Robot Statues
Perfect Penthouse
Bed Bounce
Egg Hunt

The Hotel of Dreams is a building in Stampy's Lovely World. It is the "fanciest" building Stampy has built in his town.


It is a very tall building. It is made mostly out of white wool, glowstone and glass and coloured wool for each room. It has 2 rooms on each level and a penthouse on the top. Stampy usually stays in the penthouse.

Construction TimelineEdit

  • 248 - Luxury Lobby - Water Elevator (partially), Lobby, Reception Area and partial of the exterior were constructed and completed.
  • 249 - Amazing Animals - The Amazing Animals (Red) and Food Fantasy (Yellow) Rooms were constructed and completed.
  • 250 - Disco Domian - Water Wonderland (Blue) and Disco Domain (Purple) Rooms were constructed and finished.
  • 251 - Robot Statues - Art Area (Pink) and Plant Paradise (Lime Green) Rooms were constructed and finished. 
  • 252 - Perfect Penthouse - The Cake Central (Orange Penthouse), the Water Elevator, exterior and the statue were constructed and finished.
  • 253 - Bed Bounce - Grand Opening of the Hotel. Stampy and his friends play a bed parkour mini game to see who gets what room.

Trivia Edit

  • The building that has most episodes to take time to build (That was before the Clock Shop was built).
  • Hit the Target had a attempt of exploding the building with TNT in the episode Egg Hunt, but good thing the Easter Bunny showed up and removed the redstone wiring.

Featured Videos Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Luxury Lobby 24823:31

Minecraft Xbox - Luxury Lobby 248

Building Floor 1

Minecraft Xbox - Amazing Animals -249-22:12

Minecraft Xbox - Amazing Animals -249-

Building Floor 2

Minecraft Xbox - Disco Domain 25021:40

Minecraft Xbox - Disco Domain 250

Building Floor 3

Minecraft Xbox - Robot Statues 25120:23

Minecraft Xbox - Robot Statues 251

Building Floor 4

Minecraft Xbox - Perfect Penthouse 25222:08

Minecraft Xbox - Perfect Penthouse 252

Building Floor 5

Minecraft Xbox - Bed Bounce 25320:55

Minecraft Xbox - Bed Bounce 253

Grand Opening

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