How Stampy Flew To The Moon is a 16-minute, Behind the Scenes Documentary using the Stampy's Lets Play characters. It is narrated by Joseph Garrett.


It talks about the making of Episode 85, Trip To The Moon. In this video, Stampy revealed the making of the moon, in which it took 3 months to finish it, with the help of his friends. After that they went to the editing — Stampy had to edit a lot, especially on the part when Stampy flies to the moon and back. This video was released after questions from fans on how he got from the moon. Some people might think that he is using mods.


  • The aliens were actually L for Lee x and Afro Dan91.
  • He had an editing strategy.
  • Lee and Afro Dan had destroyed the front of the ship where Stampy is standing in front, and when he goes to and from the moon, he flied using Host Privileges. Then the actual image onscreen went back in the actual video through editing.
  • Stampy got a bad start because Afro Dan was in the party and did some kind of a funny thing that made him laugh.
  • While he was recording the second half of the video, it accidentally went raining and he had to wait overnight (in the game) until the rain stops.
  • The place where the episode took place was built on a separate, flat creative world.

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How Stampy Flew To The Moon

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