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Real name: David Spencer
Estimated subscribers: 1,000,000
Nickname: Squid
Usernames: iBallisticSquid and __Squid__

David Spencer, more commonly known as iBallisticSquid, Squid Nugget or just Squid, is a popular YouTuber who commonly plays with Stampy in his videos. He has many series, including Race to the Moon, Operation Vacation, Attack of the B Team, Pixelmon, and Stampy's Lovely World. He also currently has a channel of the same name and he currently has over 1,000,000 subscribers.

He is known commonly for his great humor and spirit throughout his videos, and is adored by many American and British fans alike.

iBallisticSquid has a lot of friends. He is commonly joined by L for Leeeee x, who helps in his videos, as well as Stampy's. He is close friends with Stampy.


  • Sky Island Challenge (Ep. 1-100)
  • Sky Grid
  • Slippery Survival (Ep. 101-present)
  • Hardcore Island
  • Race to the Moon (Ep. 1-60)
  • Boss Battles


  • His Sim name is Sir Fancy Borris Trotter.
  • His username on his The Walls game is __Squid__.
  • He created a series "Sky Island Challenge" which Stampy create the challenges. On it's Episode 100, the Sky Island is destroyed by the Ender Dragon and Squid is transferred to "Sky Grid". On the "Sky Grid" ending, he made it back to the Sky Island and everything on the Sky Island is on the ground now, making him change "Sky Island Challenge" to "Slippery Survival"
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