Ice Rink
Episode 231
Release Date September 20, 2014
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Ice Rink is the 231st episode in Stampy's Lovely World. In this episode, Stampy, Lee, and Amy build an ice rink.


Unlike the last episode, where he started in the Piggy Bank, Stampy starts in his own bedroom. He introduces himself happily. He then introduces Lee and Amy. Stampy introduces an improved and hardened version of Hop and Splash, the Hop and Splash MKII. Stampy tried to make Amy do it first but she declined. Lee did it and failed. Amy tried it and failed too. No one did it sucessfully because Stampy failed too. They went to the love garden and added someone. After that, they went to the dog house and a creeper blew up. Duncan gets scared and Stampy accidentally hits a dog. He then chooses Barnaby to become the dog of the episode. While going to the funland to create the Doggy Hockey game, he tells how to play it. He goes to the lake between the Downtown and the funland to take ice. Stampy then tells us that we can take ice with the Silk Touch enchantment. Lee is unable to take any ice because he lacks the Silk Touch enchantment and Stampy does it himself. Lee and Stampy went to the funland and they saw Amy having an exercise. The trio build the minigame. Stampy then tells us that there are two teams, the orange team and the blue team.  He created the center where the dogs will start as Lee finishes the middle line. The night time went and Stampy noticed that the torches are burning the ice. He quickly removed them off. Stampy created a chest and 3 bed for the 2 helpers (and him) and they start sleeping. After that, they started finishing the ice. They create the goals for the two teams. Stampy creates a sound (and light) when there is a goal by noteblocks and redstone lamps. He then finishes the orange side. The trio play the game with Stampy on the orange team, and Lee and Amy on the blue team. Lee accidentally quits and Stampy wins. 

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Ice Rink [231]

Minecraft Xbox - Ice Rink 231

Minecraft Xbox - Ice Rink 231


  • The gamertags are off in this episode. This hid Amy's location before she was found in the Funland.
  • There is a sign in the background at around 11:00.
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