Inside the Tardis
Episode 37
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Stampy's Fantastical CD-Trap
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Exterminating Googlies In My Theatre
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Melanie Candy
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Inside the Tardis starts with Stampy and Melanie Candy inside of their house in minecraft. Stampy shows us what they have improved to the house. Melanie walks outside and sees a creeper coming towards her and the creeper blows up a quater of the house. As stampy collects all the blocks he tells us that all the creeper holes all joined up and made one big hole. Stampy tells Melanie to show as the Tardis while he tidies up the mess that was made by the creeper. Stampy says he fixed the front of his house and notices the picture fell off and Mel said it was really ugly they also build a mine.

Trivia Edit

  • Last appearance of Melanie Candy.

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