It's A Lovely World

Its a Lovely World is a ride in Stampy's Funland. It is based on Disney's It's a Small World ride.


From the outside, it is mainly made out of sandstone with some colored wool joined in. There is also a switch on the outside which starts the music for the ride. On the inside, the walls are made out of black wool, including displays of Stampy and most of his friends. It also features a flowing water stream, which was intended to keep the boats flowing without the player's control. The ride is made for Stampy to "recreate memories" of some of his first adventures in Minecraft.

As for the mechanisms, the redstone is hidden underground and noteblocks are components of the song that serve as the music for the ride. WeeWeeGaming, who is an expert on noteblocks, worked on the redstone.

Displays (in order of appearance)Edit

  1. Stampy's First House with a zombie
  2. Gregory and the Love Garden
  3. Stampy's Bedroom with L for Lee x
  4. Models of Stampy and his friends
  5. Henry and Hilda


Stampy said in one video that the ride lost its novelty due to the way new boats work. After the update, new boats would have to be guided manually by the players and not by the stream of water. The ride still works anyway, but not as similar as the real-life It's a Small World.

The ride ranked #8 in Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-games.