Jolly Snowy is a game in the Funland. It was built for one episode and played it on the following episode. It was built for Christmas 2015.


Jolly Snowy was built by Stampy, William Beaver, and Sqaishey Quack. The game looks like two large green and red ornaments. The floor is made of wool and the sides are made out of stained glass. It's a very simple game that requires no redstone.


The game works by having one of the snow golems, Jolly, or Holly on a lead. Both players now have 2 minutes to play. You will then lead the snow golem to the other player's side, and try to cover their side with as much snow as possible while destroying the snow on your side. Each player is given a stone shovel, and if that breaks, you are stuck punching the snow with your hand. The player with the most snow covered loses.

Appearances Edit

Under Construction: Edit

Playing Edit

  • Jolly Snowy (Episode)

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