— Stampy
Journey Into The Nether
Episode 9
Minecraft - Journey Into The Nether 923:04

Minecraft - Journey Into The Nether 9

Release Date June 14, 2012
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Helpers Appeared
Stampy has no helpers in this video.
Pets Chosen
4 other unnamed dogs
People Added to the Love Garden
No one is added to the love garden in this video.
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Journey Into The Nether is the 9th episode of Stampy's gameplay of Minecraft. It was released on June 14 2012.

Plot Edit

Stampy begins the episdoe at his older house and then travels to his current house where he introduces Cedric and the rest of his pack. Stampy then goes to his love garden where he shows the audience his new love heart and tries to shoot a sheep with snowballs. After he goes back inside, he goes mining for obsidian so he can build his nether portal. Stampy travels out of his mine back to his house so he can build his nether portal. He then travels to the nether where he mines for useful materials he then finds a trapped zombie pigman that he kills. After this he travels back home and ends the video.

Features Edit

Googlies Edit

Locations Edit

  • Old Home

Villains Edit

No villains appear in this episode.

Items Edit

Deaths Edit


  • A nether portal can be seen in Visiting Crimcity. However,Stampy does not go inside.


Minecraft Xbox- Journey Into The Nether

Minecraft - Journey Into The Nether 923:04

Minecraft - Journey Into The Nether 9

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