LONG bow X99 (also known as simply Longbow) is one of Stampy's Oldest Helpers. He is the DJ in Stampy's Lovely World and whenever there is a party or disco in Stampy's Clubhouse, he can be seen in behind his bar putting on music. He is allways rocking the club house. Longbow used to be in most of Stampy's early videos but their friendship drifted away after a small while. Stampy once did a map made by Longbow.

Today, he is rarely seen in the Lovely World as he only appears in the Christmas episodes.


Longbow's face is based off the character known as Hatty and appears to always be crying, his character is from the game Castle Crashers.

Youtube Channel

Channel's name: LongbowsMAC

Longbow's Channel


  • Stampy made Longbow walk the plank once, just like how Stampy did to Hit the Target in Sinking Feeling. Then, Longbow lived on a SOS island
  • He is sometimes seen making giraffes in Stampy's World.
  • He returned in Shoe 4 U.
  • Every Christmas he returns with Ank to build snowmen.
Stampy's Friends

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