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L for Leeeee x
First Appearance: Unknown
Last Appearance: Unknown
Username: Unknown
Nicknames: Lee Bear


Gallery: L for Leeeee x

L for Leeeeeex or Lee or Leematoad is a helper and a best friend of Stampy. He always joins in in Stampy's videos and rarely be absent in his videos. Lee is also a friend of Squid. He is also a Youtuber and has his own channel. He helps Stampy in defeating HitTheTarget and building other games or buildings. He is the one who gives Stampy's breakfast and food which is cake. He plays with Stampy in his games for fun. He always protects Stampy and his and Stampy's dogs when danger is near. They sometimes join together in Hunger Games, adventure maps and more. He also loves porkchops. He uses his weapon which his Lee's Diamond Enchanted Sword and his bow and arrow.

Appearance Edit

He is a brown bear with blue eyes. He wears a blue backpack, a necklace, a black belt and a golden shorts. He doesn't wear shoes. Lee also wears his diamond leggings and boots always.His sword is named "lee's super fantastic sword" and can really protect stampy

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, his age is 17.
  • He has the banjo skin. this skin is from the video games Banjo-kazooie.Sometimes Stampys dogs attack him
  • In real life, he is Scottish

His Channel Edit

Channel name: L for Leeeeee x


He has about 88,828 subscribers.

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