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L for Leeeee x

(above) Lee in his actual Skin

(below) Lee in his Diamond Pants

First Appearance: The Friendly Creeper (53)
Last Appearance: Current
Username: L for Leeeee x
Nicknames: Leematoad, Lee Bear, Lee
Gallery: L for Leeeee x Gallery
The one person who has been with me for the majority of those episodes


L for Leeeeee x (also known as Lee Bear) is a helper and a good friend of Stampy. He is currently a member of the Magic Animal Club, representing a Bear. Starting from Episode 53, Lee almost always joins Stampy in Stampy's Lovely World, and thus, Stampy's videos and is rarely absent (except for episodes 255-260).

He is also a Youtuber and has his own channel. He helps Stampy in defeating HitTheTarget and building other games or buildings. At the beginning of every video, he gives Stampy a cake. He plays with Stampy in his games for fun. (And to combine the two together, Games and Cake, sometimes, in the morning, Lee puts a Cake down on a wooden block and they play a game called Cake Peekaboo.)

Due to being a helper in Stampy's Lovely World, Lee has the duty of helping Stampy out when building and contributing to the Funland. He always protects Stampy and his dogs when danger is near. Stampy has often called Lee his "little pervert", due to Lee's tendency to hunt down woman and steal their pants. They sometimes join together in Hunger Games, where he is a renown player, with roughly the same skills as Stampy, but unlike Stampy, does not last as long. He also loves pork chops, due to dropping pork chops at death. He uses his weapon which his enchanted diamond sword and his bow. He has also tamed two dogs, Sparky (deceased) and Larry Love. Stampy once joked that ''[Me] and Lee have to do everything around here".


Lee is a brown bear with blue eyes and a black, button nose. He wears ladys pants that he has stole and a backpack, a black belt, a necklace and golden shorts. He doesn't wear shoes. Lee also is known to wear bandages over his scabby hands and enchanted diamond leggings and enchanted diamond boots. His sword is named "Lee's Super Spectacular Sword" because of powerful enchantments making it easily to kill Googlies ( mobs) around. However, due to numerous adventures, Lee was known to wear additional armor (and indirectly, his clones wore leather armor).


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Lee has only a few absences, most of these are in the early episodes. He was absent in some videos usually because he goes to visit his mama bear and papa bear.

One notable absence of Lee in consecutive episodes was when Lee went on a picnic holiday very far away. Stampy was suspicious about it, while fans claimed that Hit the Target kidnapped him. It was true on Episode 261, Christmas Rescue, when he found out that he was trapped in a room by HTT. He was absent for 6 consecutive episodes because of this.


Channel name: L for Leeeee x

He has 100,113 subscribers.

His channel has some Hunger Games videos in it.

Lee Bear

Lee with Joseph Garrett.



Year Ceremony Award Result
2013 Stampy Fan Awards Best Helpers Won



  • He is 15 years old.
  • He is from Scotland
  • In Lee's twitter's cover photo, you can see a pink/violet Stampy.
  • Lee is not mute, you can hear him talk in this video. Despite not talking in any of Stampy's videos, Lee can hear perfectly, and in order to communicate with Stampy, uses signs to convey his meaning. Stampy often tells Lee what to do, as with all the Minecraft helpers, who never talk.
  • Stampy and Lee met for the first time in Scotland.

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