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L for Lee x
First Appearance: Unknown
Last Appearance: Unknown
Username: L for Leeeeex
Nicknames: Lee, Lee Bear, Leematode
Gallery: "Unknown"

L for Lee is a one of Stampy's helpers that assists him everyday as they have fun and build in Minecraft. Lee is known for being in Stampylonghead's videos and gives him his breakfast cake at the start of his Lovely World videos,He is also joins iBallisticsquid in his videos. People call him Lee,Lee Bear, and Leematode.

Appearance Edit

Lee's Minecraft skin is currently a brown bear with a backpack and a necklace. He also wears enchanted diamond leggings and boots and additional armour depending on the occasion. Lee wears a wolf with a collar skin and dresses up as Hit The Target to scare Stampy.

He uses the Banjo skin from Banjo - Kazooie.

Trivia Edit

  • Lee is Scottish.
  • Lee usually appears in StampyLongHead and iBallisticSquid's vlogs on the Magic Animal Club channel on Youtube.You can see him on his channel L For Leeeeee x , StampyLongHead's channel or iBalisticSquid's channel on Youtube.
  • He is very kind and has helped Stampylonghead build most things in Stampy's Lovely World.
  • He has also won the Best Minecraft Helper Award.

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