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Larry Love often called by Stampy as Larry) is the second dog L for Lee x has tamed. He has a brown collar.


He was born on Episode 192, Nether Again, when Stampy found a wolf. He has loads of dogs, so he let Lee to tame it. He named "Larry Love" in the next episode when he noticed that he liked the heart in the Love Garden. He had a great life. He usually takes him in some episodes until Episode 206. There are no news about him up to now. He was used as a dog to guard Harrison's house. In Episode 210, Stampy saw a dog on the tree of his Flower Power game and thought it might have been Larry, but it was actually Fluffy. In Stampy's tour of his world, Larry was not seen on the roof or in the secret room, so it can be assumed he is missing or that he died somehow. But if Stampy has not said if Larry Love has died and if Lee does not look upset about Larry, it is possible he is in a secret house that Lee has or he may be in somewhere far away from the built area of Stampy's Lovely World.


Larry wolf

Larry Love, while being tamed

  • Because Lee left in episode 339, if Larry is alive, he will never be able to be taken out again unless Lee returns to SLW.
  • He has not been seen or mentioned since Episode 206, same to what happened to Bowser.
  • Stampy said on Twitter that Larry Love is still here, just "really good at hide and seek"
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