Lego Hobbit

Lego Hobbit

Lego The Hobbit is a series currently being broadcast on the stampylonghead channel.


The series is an entire Let's-play of Lego The Hobbit on the Xbox One. The plot of the game follows a similar path to that of the film. Much like all the lego games, you collect 'lego bricks' as you go along, by breaking ornamentals and following paths.


The series began on 19th April 2014, and ended on 9th September 2014.

The series was started to replace Terraria, which is back on air.

Click here for the official playlist of all episodes.


Bilbo Baggins Is the main character of the series Hobbit

Thorin and his kin Main and supporting characters Dwarves

Legolas A supporting character Elf

Tauriel. A supporting character. Elf

Smaug The first supporting villain Dragon

Azog The main villain Orc

Bolg The second supporting villain

Sauron/necromancer A minor villain Human

Fimbul A minor villain Orc

Narzug A minor villain Orc

Yazneg A minor villain

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