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Lego Worlds
Playthrough Information
Let's Play Type: Series
Run date(s): Beta: 2 June 2015 - 2 August 2015
Official release: 8 March 2017 - Present
Status: Ongoing
Playlist: Lego Worlds Episode Playlist (Official release)

Starting the first episode of Lego Worlds Beta

Lego Worlds is a game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It was released as beta for Steam in 2015, while its full release is made for 2017.


This game is an entire Let's-play of the Lego Worlds. The plot of the game is about exploring, playing, and lego building, much like Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy played the Beta version of the game in Steam early access. He only released 7 episodes and ended the series two months later due to the crashes and bugs in the game.

The series returned on March 8, 2017; this time, Stampy played it as an official version on the PlayStation 4.


# Episode Release date
1 Cake Castle 2 June 2015
2 Bazooka 7 June 2015
3 Snow Farm 18 June 2015
4 My Pet Dragon 28 June 2015
5 Playful Goats 10 July 2015
6 Wheelbarrow + Mushrooms 23 July 2015
7 Riding Rivers 2 August 2015

Official release

# Episode Release date
1 Crash Landing! 8 March 2017
2 Candyland! 11 March 2017
3 Dessert Desert 15 March 2017
4 Fantasy Forest 19 March 2017
5 Lawless Lagoon 23 March 2017
6 Dusty Dunes 27 March 2017
7 My First Creation... 4 April 2017
8 My First Dungeon 9 April 2017
9 Wicked Wasteland 17 April 2017


  • The temporary hiatus of the series is the same to what happened to Terraria, but the Terraria series went back a year later.

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