The Lighthouse is a building in Stampy's Lovely World. It is located in Cow Island and is connected to the rest of the world by a wooden path and bridge. It is one of the oldest structures in Stampy's Lovely World, built around the 10's episodes. It is an iconic landmark of SLW and used to be the tallest building on it before the construction of the Clock Tower. It used to be an art gallery before it was occupied by Hit the Target and Veeva Dash, wherein they installed a mind-controll machine that was destroyed by Stampy.


The outside is mainly made out of alternating rows of red wool and snow, giving it the traditional standard lighthouse colors. At the time of construction, this was considered a great achievement, as Minecraft Xbox did not have shears at that time. On the interior, a spiral oak slab staircase goes on every floor. The walls used to be decorated with paintings on every floor (making it an art gallery), but this was removed for unknown reasons. At the top, a giant box with glass on every side contains a cube of glowstone, where the actual light comes out.


It is located on Cow Island where it is accessed by an oak bridge connecting the island to the Downtown part of his Lovely World. It is near the spawn point, and beside the water. This area has not been developed that much, as most of it focuses on Downtown and the Funland.


  • Brain Wave Transmitter - It was built by Hit the Target and Veeva Dash to control Stampy's helpers' minds. It has been destroyed after its use by Stampy.