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31st January 2013



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First Appearance: Ambush (Lovely World)
Lion Cub Park - Part 1 (Stampy's channel)
Last Appearance: Rule The Duel
Username: LionMaker
Nicknames: Unknown
Gallery: LionMaker

LionMaker is one of Stampy's helpers and friends. He was first appeared in Lion Club Omega episode. He sometimes appears in Stampy's Lovely World. He also appeared in Pixar Hunger Games with Stampy. He is friends with Stampy, and friends with many other youtubers like minigod951, Bigbst4tz2, Emzy255,Panda the Paige (a.k.a Paige the Panda), iBxtoycat, Boltz the Clown, and many more.

LionMaker has been involved in allegedly controversial things which caused him to have his Twitter account suspended and have his inactivity on YouTube for a short time. The real LionMaker later left YouTube, and his fellow friend Paige took over the channel. It was later took over by LionMaker's friends before its deletion.

Appearance and About LionMaker

His skin is a lion. His real name is Marcus and he currently lives in Belgium. He was born in Brazil. And is 27. His Birthday is July 7. He has 2 channels one is listed below and the other is Survival Madness.

Association with Stampy

He first appeared in Stampy and Squid's mini-series where they tour his theme park, the Lion Cub Park.

Even though he appeared a few times in Stampy's Lovely World, he is famous for helping Stampy build the Honey Hunt game in the Funland.

On his channel, Stampy has joined him on Crafting with Youtubers (2 episodes) and few Hunger Games.


He first appeared as a minor helper, but when he started to appear in more videos, he became a semi-regular helper.


LionMaker had his own YouTube channel, which had over 700,000 subscribers (or what he called his cubscribers) before its deletion. His videos were focused on Minecraft, from Survival Madness to Hide and Seek and Murder Mystery. Because of the allegations, he left YouTube and his friend Paige took over the channel before some of their friends did. Originally a solo channel, it was now a collaboration channel where they would post mainly Minecraft content. The channel was deleted for unknown reasons.


Some of the series he and, later, his friends did:

  • Minecraft Hunger Games
  • Survival Madness
  • Sky Grid
  • Rulm Death
  • Hide and Seek
  • Murder Mystery
  • Sky Wars
  • Lion Cub Park
  • Ultra Hardcore Deathmatch
  • Lego Jurassic World
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