This is a list of all the Sky Den characters. The reason due to so many "Sams" is a running gang throughout the series when Stampy and Sqaishey name an animal "Sam". They always disagree on the name but Stampy always tells Sqaishey that he'll count down from 3 and they have to say you want it to be but they purposely always pick Sam.

Characters Edit

Sam the Mooshroom Edit

Sam the Mooshroom is a Mooshroom who was one of the first Sky Den animals. Stampy and Sqaishey used to use him for many episodes, for he was their only food source. When both of them started to make their own food, they now do not use as much before. His first appearance is in "Sam and His Friend".

Sky Den Villagers Edit

The Sky Den Villagers were first found in the temple-like area in "Sam and his Friend".

David Edit

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Austin Boston Edit

Austin Boston was the second Sky Den villager Stampy and Sqaishey traded with. He is said to have an angry personality, because he wasn't the first villager they traded with.

Snazzy Tazzy Edit

Tazzy is the third villager they traded with. Tazzy is said to have a personality like a game show host, with all his questions being about plants (what he trades).

Johnny Edit

Johnny is the Sky Den Villager who both Stampy and Sqaishey can trade with at any time. His personality is "Just Johnny".

Happy Chappy Andy Edit

Happy Chappy Andy (Feeling Blue Andrew at first) is the fourth villager they traded with. At first, he was a sad villager who was mute. Sqaishey then fell into his pen, and had to swim up his "tears" to escape. After the whole scene, Andrew was cheered up so much, he became "Happy Chappy Andy".

Sam the Dog Edit

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Sam the Cow Edit

Sam the Cow was a random cow Stampy and Sqaishey found in the Animal Paradise. He was one of the first cows in the area. His fate remains unknown- he may have been killed, he may have despawned, or may be even one of the cows that still wander around the paradise.

Chickens Edit

Many chickens are found around the Sky Den. The first ones were found in the Animal Paradise, and Sqaishey, due to her love of chickens/ducks, continually bred them. Later, Sqaishey threw some eggs in Barry's Suitcase, and they hatched into some chickens, which she treats like her children.

Sam the Chicken Edit

Sam was a chicken who hatched in Stampy and Sqaishey's treehouse. He was hatched when Sqaishey selected to get "five more eggs to the face" by Kevin. Later in the series, Sam gets a companion who i