This is the list of all the dogs that have passed away in Stampy's world and all worlds played in.

Lovely World Dogs

Dead Dogs
Name Born/Tamed Died Reason
Aqua Episode 60 - Minecraft Slaves Episode 135 - Dolphin Dives She followed Stampy to play the Water Rush game, but she jumped and drowned.
The Arbiter Episode 19 - A Lovely Lighthouse Episode 102 - Kitty Kitchen He was killed by Sparky, Lee's dog.
Arrow Episode 14 - Googlies Trap Episode 80 - Dunking Booth He fell off the Dunking Booth while they were building it.
Cedric Episode 9 - Journey into the Nether Episode 74 - Helter Skelter Stampy tried to feed him with porkchop, but when he ate it, he fell off the Helter Skelter.
Chicken Episode 45 - Christmas Day Episode 49 - Troubles Brewing He swam up and drowned in the water pillar.
Gregory Episode 6 - Gregory The Dog Episode 7 - White Chocolate Paradise (flashback) He was shot by an arrow of a skeleton after Episode 6.
Guilty Bark Episode 27 - Making A House A Home Episode 31 - Inspiration Room He was killed by a zombie.
Lucky Episode 27 - Making A House A Home Episode 42 - Unexpected Drama He was set on fire and died during the first battle with Hit the Target.
Oreo Episode 32-

Crazy Golf Course

Episode 101 - Chubby Kitty He drowned while Stampy was building the Fish me a Dish minigame.
Porky Episode 23 - Lovely Library Episode 23 - Lovely Library He landed in a stone block on Stampy's Slime Farm.
Snowy Episode 17 - Accidents in the Lava Room Episode 17 - Accidents in the Lava Room He got incinerated with lava while Stampy was finishing the Lava Room.
Spring Episode 17 - Accidents in the Lava Room Episode 219 - Polkice Station He drowned under the landfill while Stampy and Lee were building the Playful Po Po Station.
Stampygoodnose Episode 243-

Ghost Stories

Episode 16

Ghost Stories

He was pushed accidentally by Hit the Target and fell off the tower. He was only seen in Episode 243 Ghost Stories.
Tikka Episode 14 - Googlies Trap Episode 57 - Shooting Range She burned in the lava room of the Creeper Coaster while Stampy was riding the Creeper Coaster.