Loose Tooth is the dentist in Stampy's Lovely World . It is far from the bank and behind the pretty kitty spa, it is mainly a mushroom house with oak wood stairs and oak wood at the bottom. It was built for the Tooth Fairy.


Here are the episodes that it were built.

Building Sources

The building is mainly built out of mushrooms and oak wood.

Featured Videos

Minecraft Xbox - Tooth Fairy 23619:15

Minecraft Xbox - Tooth Fairy 236

Minecraft Xbox - Fish Tank 23421:32

Minecraft Xbox - Fish Tank 234

Minecraft Xbox - Loose Tooth 23518:46

Minecraft Xbox - Loose Tooth 235


There is a waiting room which is where fishy fishy fish fish lives and a small magazine table with a sofa, the tooth fairy's office was made by lee while Stampy made the funny operating thereat who only has one patient which was Lee, the tooth fairy now operates there but she normally operates on animals like piggy wigs and moo moos.

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